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We have spent years creating a brand that provides consumers peace of mind through technology and communication. Leaving your property in the hands of tenants can become stressful, time consuming, or even painful. Well… Magnolia is here to put all your worries to rest.

Why Magnolia?

The decision to use our services is simple. Our clients make MORE MONEY when they manage with Magnolia! Why? Well, we use industry leading technology and provide unmatched world class service.

The Magnolia Difference

Step One – Marketing

We are one of the only providers in the state of Florida who use Professional Photographers to shoot our listings before we publish them to HUNDREDS of websites. The exposure we offer is second to none which results in higher prices and better tenants.

Step Two – Tenant Screening

Magnolia is one of the only providers in Florida who has an inside sales agent that is tasked with responding to inquires on your property and scheduling showings to generate as much interest as possible.

We screen each applicant and they must pass a stringent background/qualification process before being selected to move in to your property.

Step Three – The Move In

The Move in Process includes a thorough walk through of the property, documenting the condition of the property, followed by a detailed explanation to the tenant of the rules and regulation of the property.

Step Four – During Lease Term

During the term of the lease, the resident and owner both have access to a portal in which all documentation is shared and available at all times.

All maintenance requests are fielded by our office and handled by our handpicked professional vendors.

Step Five – Lease Renewal or Move Out

Retaining the best tenant’s is our goal, therefore; we will inquire with out tenants 90 days prior to the end of the lease to see what their intentions are. If a tenant decides not to renew then we will immediately market your property for rent to limit the chances of a vacancy.

Upon move out, our team will conduct a thorough move out inspection to ensure your home has remained in acceptable condition.


How & When Do I Get Paid?

All of our owners are set up to receive a direct deposit into their bank accounts and each owner is paid on or before the 10th day of each month.

What Do I Do With a Security Deposit?

No need to worry, our office retains deposits in a Florida bank account per state law.

How do I track everything for my Accountant?

We actually provide you or your account with any and all documentation needed each tax season.

I don’t know any vendors to work on my property?

Kick your feet up and stop worrying, we have an entire network of professionals that can assist when maintenance is needed.

How do I get started?

Fill out the form above and tell us about your property and our team will get in contact ASAP!